Are you afraid that adventure racing might not be for you? Do you fear lining up to compete? Not any more.

We are the Gaelforce women and we have designed these races for us and for you. They are for women only and celebrates fit, healthy, determined, enthusiastic and wonderful women just like us and just like you. They are Ireland’s first and only Women’s Adventure Races. They offer the perfect distance, the perfect combination and the perfect challenge to test you and to give you that feeling of pure triumph when you reach the finish line.


Results for Women's Adventure Race Galway Now Available!


2014 Event Dates
26th July -  Leenane, Co Galway
20th September - Roundwood, Co Wicklow.

2013 was the first year with the Galway event and it was such a phenomenal success that in 2014 we are adding a second Women's Adventure Race in Wicklow this time on the 20th of September. So step forward again in 2014 with our charity partners Barretstown, and enjoy another fantastic day out in a stunning location with the girls!


Be strong, be proud, be a Gaelforce woman in 2014.


If you are having doubts as to whether you will be able to do an adventure race read our 5 Reasons why you CAN do the Women's Adventure Race and we bet you will be convinced!